Why You Should Have a Small Wedding

With COVID still very much in our lives, it's a great time to start thinking about your 2021 Wedding. Although we're going to get that all important "road map" later this month, the likelihood of Weddings going back to big numbers this year doesn't seem realistic... but that's okay! Small Weddings are literally one of my favourite things, and the ones that did go ahead last year were literally beautiful!

Wedding couple walking down the road in rural Wiltshire

Enjoy Every Moment With less guests also comes being able to be more present and enjoying your loved ones who are the with you. There's less rush and stress, and the time seems to not fly by [quite as much]. Actually being able to engage with your guests fully, and enjoy every moment, both with your guests and your lover.

Save Money A smaller Wedding usually means a smaller budget, and being able to focus on things you really love and want to concentrate your money on. It may also give you the option of some gorgeous venues that you wouldn't normally think about with a bigger day.

sunset wedding photography

A Laid Back Feel Something else I love about Weddings is how fun and laid back they can be, which really is showcased in smaller days. Hosting something as big as a Wedding can feel like lots of pressure, making sure you have "the best" and your guests have a lovely time, a smaller wedding can make it feel a lot more laid back and takes that pressure off- meaning you do actually have the best day!

Do What You Want We hear so much about Parents getting involved, or thinking too much about other people when planning YOUR day. However it is really important to make the day about the two of you, your loves, wants and needs for the day. This includes everything from guest list to entertainment. Whatever size your wedding it's so important to do you!

Intimate wedding ceremony

If you're sure you want to keep your large Wedding and end up postponing, be sure to check the dates with your suppliers before you confirm a new date. We're here to help as much as possible, to make your day amazing.

To all my 2021 & 2022 couples, I can't wait to capture your day and it WILL be amazing