UK LGBTQ+ Wedding Photography

Last year, myself and Tania [from Hire Societies] started planning our first workshop together and Love For All was born.

Love For All LGBTQ+ Wedding Workshop

The Love For All workshop is to showcase how to be more inclusive within the Wedding industry. It's a very heteronormative place, and educating in a safe space was really something we wanted to create.

two brides wearing Wedding dresses

The first workshop was held in Brighton, the hotel was a great base, but also meant that we got to head out onto the seafront and The Lanes to capture our gorgeous model couples even more.

gay wedding on Brighton beach

Our Love For All Workshops are open to all Wedding suppliers, and in the morning we have talks and Q&A's with the couples. Allowing a safe space to ask questions, learn more about how to be inclusive to the LGBTQ+ community within your business. This comes from lived experiences from our speakers, different educators and the model couples them self. The second half of the day is aimed at photographers and videographers, to be able to capture content of queer love. The models we use are always real couples and comfortable and confident in front of the camera, meaning you get some awesome shots to showcase your LGBTQ+ inclusivity from every point of your business.

Being a Queer person is really important to me, and having my eyes opened to how straight the Wedding industry is, I know we've got a lot more work to do.

We still have so much to share and will be confirming our next workshop as soon as the pandemic allows, we can't wait to spread the love and educate people that are ready to learn and be better.

If you're in the Wedding Industry, and would like to educate yourself in how to become a better ally and more inclusive to the LGBTQ+ community then head over to my Instagram to keep updated