How To Make Your Wedding More Inclusive

I am all for showcasing inclusivity for LGBTQ+ couples, within the Wedding industry, but as a couple there's ways to do this too- and you don't have to be part of the LGBTQ+ community to do these things.

Use LGBTQ+ Suppliers We may not always know, however if you can see they're friendly to all love stories, that's a great start. But if you can support any queer company, that's even better!

Use Real Names on Invites No Mr & Mrs X for invites or other things you send out, use their real names.

Don't Make The Dress Code a Big Deal This doesn't mean the dress code has to be casual, but not making a big deal out of being so formal allows your guests to openly wear what they feel most comfortable in.

Stop Saying "Bridal" We really need to get out of the habit of mentioning anything for a Wedding as Bridal, such as the Bridal Suite or Bridal Dress.

Inclusive Wedding Party Don't stick to norms with the Wedding Party, get rid of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen and just have whoever you want in your Squad.

Non-Gendered Toilets

This is something to ask your venue, or look into for hiring bathrooms. Such an easy and great way to be inclusive at your Wedding.

Pronouns on Name Cards If you're doing place cards, this is such an easy and thoughtful thing to add to them.

Flowers For All So this is my favourite one, by far! Flowers for all in the Wedding Party, and the couple too. Maybe just go bigger with a button hole or go all out with a full bouquet. Flowers are gorgeous for anyone!