Dogs at Weddings

Lets talk about dogs at Weddings, how it can work and making sure it's a good idea for both human and hound...

Now photographing Weddings, I see more and more dogs at Weddings, which is wonderful but it has to be done right to make it possible and fair on the dogs.

How To Include Dogs at Weddings

There are so many ideas that could work and not all of them mean the dog will be at the Wedding the whole day, think about your dog and what they'd be comfortable with. Spending a whole day at a Wedding would be too much for most dogs, being around food, many people, in an odd place and most likely people not paying that much attention to them.

Also it's worth mentioning about other guests, and although I am all for doing what you want for your own Wedding to make you happy, would it upset you if Aunt Mildred was annoyed a dog was there [Probably try and unfriend or family divorce any non dog lovers before the day!]

That doesn't mean not to involve them at all, some others ideas of how to include them

- Engagement photo sessions or save the dates

- Get ready together

- Dog accessories, like cuff links or a necklace

- Display a dog family photo

- Add them to your cake topper

Of course most crazy dog couples want the furry ones at the Wedding, and this is totally possible whilst still making it a fun time for them. 

Things to Think about with Dogs at Weddings

From personal experience and a Wedding Photographer point of view, the best way to have dogs at Weddings is for them to join in with the photos.

From Bridesmaid photos to Best Man duties, it can make for some awesome shots. The best is when it's a little quieter with just the Bride and Groom, meaning the dog can concentrate more and the photos can be captured to remember the day forever.

Having a dog walker or family friend come and drop off and pick up the dog can be super handy, knowing they're in the best hands with someone you trust, whilst you can get the photos and then carry on with your day. 

When dogs at Weddings come just for photos, be sure to plan your schedule around them accordingly, having extra time for just "pooch photos" as they can take more time, and it's likely you'll still want the important couple portraits (alone) too.

Dogs of course still can be full guests at Weddings, but be sure your dog is right for this. Being laid back and not too excited or anxious around people and food. Having them be Bridesmaids or join the lads for a beer before the ceremony is also a lovely idea, but it's great to still assign someone on dog duty in case they need to leave the room because they're screaming like a seal too much [wait, is that just Sev!?]

It's also possible to pick a venue that has dog friendly accommodation, meaning dogs at Weddings can take it easy through some of the busier or more stressful parts of the day, but still making sure they're involved with important parts- including the clear up of the BBQ food in the evening.  

When the decision is made, it's important to pick the outfit. The floral collars to match the bridal bouquet is the most gorgeous, and works so well for the photos too.

Enquire now and lets chat more about your pooch being involved in your Wedding