• Steph

Rose & Mike

The end of the Summer Weddings in 2018 were truly wonderful, and Rose & Mikes Wedding was no different.

A lovely Church Wedding close to where they lived before heading back to a family garden with marquee, much dancing and great food.

This Wedding had some beautiful traditional elements to it, as well as being so fun and laid back too.

From the start it was all about family and loved ones, the family house was filled with so many children as well as Bridesmaids and the Bride herself getting ready before heading to the gorgeous Church based in the grounds of Lydiard Park.

The sun was shining and the buzz of the day was seen through the lovely guests, so many of Rose & Mikes friends and family came to celebrate with them.

We took advantage of the beautiful grounds and gardens at Lydiard park, the gorgeous weather and the stunning couple. Although they weren't keen on having photos taken, they did what I asked and we had a great amount of time before heading back to join everyone for drinks in the DIY bar.

There were so many lovely DIY touches to the afternoon, with the bar, cake, signs and decorations all made with love and effort. It made it even more special and wonderful to photograph too.

The evening was spent drinking and dancing, their friends and family keen to get me involved meaning I was able to snap some great moves on the dance floor. Such a fun and awesome day!

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