• Steph

Loz & Carrie

Having met Loz and Carrie for their engagement shoot Autumn of 2017, I was thrilled to be asked to photograph their Wedding Day. From the start I knew it would be fun and laid back, casual but beautiful and focus on the important things and the love for everyone involved.

The day started with the girls preparing in the kitchen, doing their makeup them self was lovely to see as well as flowers being collected to make floral crowns for the Bridesmaids and Bride. I knew it would be a great day already!

The ceremony was based at a near by beautiful Church, with a Vicar that knew how to have fun. A band played, sweet readings were spoken and the couple said "I do". We managed the group photos at the Church, before the weather started to change and we all headed back to the family home.

Set in the gorgeous rolling hills of the Wiltshire countryside, a marquee filled their garden that Carries's Mum had been growing and caring so much about over the last year. From here on it was about fun, food and many laughs. The Wedding party were awesome so we got some great shots, music played constantly by their super talented friends and family and much food was eaten.

Carrie and Loz really bought back what a Wedding should be for me, of course they spent time on the details- it was a photographers dream! but all that really mattered was they were together, with the people they loved. Oh! and the family dogs were involved, so all paws up for such a beautiful day.

I can't thank Loz & Carrie enough for letting me be part of their day, I've never felt so included and important from the Bride, Groom & families.

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